YRI Founders

Co-founded in October 2008 in memory of Joey Georgusis by the Georgusis family and James Bernazzani, former FBI Special Agent in Charge of the New Orleans Division.

During his career as a lawman and crime fighter, Jim witnessed first-hand the effects of troubled youth on society.  His expertise in law enforcement, at-risk youth, and youth empowerment issues, combined with a Harvard education and strong commitment to our community and its children has driven him uniquely qualified to address the issues we now face.

YRI Stakeholders

Improving the quality of life for all citizens of the Greater New Orleans area begins with empowering the children of today.

Through the investment in opportunity and options for today’s at-risk youth, YRI and stakeholders can together create a better community and change the future of our city.  Stakeholders include, but are not limited to, business leaders, politicians, educators, recreation, the clergy, the media, parole and truancy.

It is with you, the New Orleans community, that the YRI can develop and fund programs designed to build skills and teach children as they grow into adulthood.

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Our Board Members

Chairman of the Board:
Mr. James Olsen

Mr. James Bernazzani

Mr. Nicolas Perkin

Mr. Jacques Creppel 
Mr. Joesph Georgusis
Mr. Irvin Mayfield
Fr. Kevin Wildes